BJJ is a martial arts system that focuses on grappling, ground control and submissions. Focusing on skill and leverage, it allows a smaller person to overcome someone larger and much stronger. BJJ is geared towards a student who wants a challenging, total body workout. It offers generous cardio training and free sparring (“rolling”) as part of its allure. It also promotes tactical problem solving and has been described, along with Judo, as ‘chess done with the entire body.’ Our BJJ package has beginner and advanced classes and includes both Gi and No-Gi Classes.


For those looking for a more intense challenge, or to hone their striking skills, we also offer kickboxing classes. This is a great class for everyone looking to get in shape, learn self-defence, compete or just have some fun.
Our unconventional training style has been repeatedly proven to be highly successful in competition, and our welcoming, friendly environment is a great place for beginners and advanced practitioners to train and grow together. 


Mixed martial arts is the combination of several different unique martial art disciplines. This program combines   the skills you learn in our grappling and striking classes, as well as show you specific tactics and techniques for MMA. Students learn to execute takedowns, submissions, ground strikes and sweeps. The MMA package includes all of our grappling,and striking.